Friday, 27 October 2017

Verdelle Smith - 1967 - Tar And Cement

(Alone) In My Room/I Don't Need Anything/I Don't Need Anything/Tar And Cement

    Verdelle Smith is a female pop singer from America who was a one-hit wonder with the song "Tar and Cement" in 1966. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

    "Tar and Cement": Verdelle Smith recorded "Tar and Cement", an English-language version of the 1966 Italian song "Il ragazzo della via Gluck" by singer Adriano Celentano. Her English version was written by Lee Pockriss and Paul Vance. "Tar and Cement" made it to No. 1 in Australia and to No. 38 in the United States It was also No.6 on "Keener 13" from Detroit radio station WKNR for the week ending June 27, 1966.
    "(Alone) In My Room" was originally a Spanish song written by Joaquin Pieto, and was later recorded by the Walker Brothers on their second LP, Portrait (1966); by Nancy Sinatra, also in 1966, for her debut album Boots; and by Marc and the Mambas for their 1983 album Torment and Toreros. The English lyrics were also written by Pockriss and Vance.
    She also recorded "I Don't Need Anything", which was later a minor UK hit in 1966–67 for Sandie Shaw.

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