Friday, 29 January 2016

M0ve - 1969 - Curly

 Curly/Yellow Rainbow/This Time Tomorrow/Weekend

 "Curly" was a song recorded in 1969 by English rock group The Move.
The song charted at number 12 in the UK, and was the last single by the band to feature Carl Wayne before his departure from the band, as well as the first with Rick Price replacing Trevor Burton on bass guitar. The instrumentation is mainly acoustic, and Roy Wood, who wrote the song, was featured on multi-tracked recorder as well as acoustic guitar. B-Side was "This Time Tomorrow".

Reportedly the song was disliked by the band's drummer Bev Bevan who thought it was too pop and sugary. Released as a single only it charted at #12 on the U.K. charts, it was later included on the remastered versions of Looking On in 1998 and Shazam in 2007.

"Something" b/w "Yellow Rainbow" released in 1968 only in the U.S. but did not chart.

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